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You don’t look surprised, just confused. Your hair is a mess, and you’re still wrapped in your bathrobe. Probably you were a little scared, you don’t like answering the door if you don’t know who’s there, but I kept ringing … Continue reading

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Note: This was inspired by a friend who wanted to write a story about time-travelling agents. Leo found himself drifting aimlessly at the outskirts of the park again, despite his vow not to do so. It was dangerous, especially given … Continue reading

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Okay, here’s why people complaining that technology moves too slowly annoy me: Yes, in some areas technology moves slower than some of us had hoped, even slower than almost all of us had hoped, or wanted. Medical research, clean energy, … Continue reading

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I am writing this in one of my increasingly rare moments of lucidity that I do not intentionally escape from. Usually when a day arrives where I cannot delude myself by natural means I spend the rest of that day … Continue reading

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As Jupiter Turns – a blog

Hello, reader! For those who want a background to this blog, there is none. I simply wanted a space to pour out things to at whim. I imagine I’ll mainly be sharing my writings, or comments about things that have … Continue reading

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