Without Him

A simple technical error.
That’s all. A glitch in the system, an accident and poof – the man you loved was gone.
I’m not sure how I’ll explain it to you but fortunately I have a long time to think of the right things to say. It’s still three years until we defrost you and the other three thousand colonists. Well, two thousand nine hundred and ninetynine now.
You two were supposed to build a house together down there. I watched your joint application video and read your interview; It was cross-referenced with his. A whole life planned out, destroyed over a simple technical error.
Yeah… yeah, a technical error. You’ll buy that I think. I may have to sabotage another freezer or two to make it believable. And then you can have that life, just without him. With me instead. I wonder what you’re like in person. Looking forward to wakeup day!

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