Lonely together

A weak sun slowly slid down towards the horizon of a barren landscape. The dull, matte red surface was growing darker by the minute, and a thousand small rocks grew shadows that cast the whole scene in an even gloomier mood. Two lonely figures stood against this backdrop, dressed in pressure suits, their suit beacons the only thing travelling for miles through the ether. The day f this world was ending, and though their suit gloves were clumsy and didn’t leave much to be felt, their fingers were awkwardly interlocked in a gesture that meant so much to them both. Millions of miles from home, on another world, the two lovers stood defiant in a hostile and alien place. Everything was different, everything was new. As a star far too cold to provide any real heat slowly descended, the taller of the two bend down until his helmet gently touched his companion’s. With a soft movement he clicked on his radio;

“See? Told you it would feel the same.” She fumbled for a second before she clicked hers, too:

“I knew nothing would change. Deep down I knew.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Plexiglas touched Plexiglas. Thermal insulation pressed together. In Martian twilight, they stood together, and defied the universe.

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